Monday, 5 November 2012

First Love Tattoo

Transferable Tattoo designed for am I collective's student initiative
Drawn with pencil, coloured digitally

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Self Promotional Work

For a self-promotional project, I created a book of peculiar persons. The faces are divided into three parts, the hair, the eyes and nose, and the mouth and chin. When you page through the book, the interchangeable faces will create new characters.
Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


A series of 4 postcards
Drawn with pencil and coloured digitally.

There is a dog hidden in each of the images...

The Prehistoric

The Creepy

The Ocean

The Future

Digital Painting

Digital Painting
Drawn with pencil and painted in Photoshop.

The Burning House Zine

The Burning House Zine. 
Hand drawn and coloured digitally.

I interviewed people to find out what they would take with them if their house burned down. First is a portrait of the person, then a collection of their valuable belongings, and lastly a close-up of one of those objects.

The Front Cover:

The pattern on the inside of the cover:

Person 1: Suzette

Person 2: Pierre Sr.

Person 3: Josephine

Person 4: Pierre Jr.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Cape Town Book Fair Poster

Poster for the Cape Town Book Fair.
Illustrated with pencil and coloured with gouache as well as digitally.

World Migratory Bird Day Poster

Poster illustration for World Migratory Bird Day.
Illustrated using pencil and coloured digitally. 

Joy of Jazz Festival Poster

Poster illustration for the Joy of Jazz Festival.
Illustrated with pencil and colour added digitally.

International Museum Day Poster

Poster illustration for International Museum Day.
I painted the illustrations using gouache and then changed the colour digitally.

Editorial Illustration

Editorial Illustration for an article on the upside of being an introvert. 
I created these illustrations digitally using Adobe Illustrator.